10460732_315129168656323_5177502372512474427_nCALSEC is one of the few security companies in San Diego that utilizes a fully digital communications system with 24 hour per day dispatch services. We use state of the art digital hand held radios and are connected on a repeater that covers the Southwestern United States. Should an Officer be on a special assignment in Phoenix, he or she can connect instantly with supervisors in our Southern California offices with the press of a button. Our radio systems have real time GPS so we can also track and monitor our officers in the field.

In addition to our radio communications, all patrol units are outfitted with iPads. The iPads allow officers to keep an ongoing report log of daily or nightly activities as well as communicate directly with dispatchers or supervisors to receive special instructions for their shift or receive detailed messages to their vehicle with calls for service.

Security Supervisors can send an address, map locations, or other information directly to the officers. This system is much like you would see a municipal police department use with their patrol units.