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The topic of Home Security comes up a lot these days. From doomsday peppers to security specialists – security companies to YouTube “Experts” on how to safeguard you and your loved ones when home. All sources give decent insight as to how YOU can better prepare yourself at home.

A lot of people take the secure feeling of being at home for granite. They leave doors and windows open or unlocked, alarm systems deactivated, and car keys in unlocked vehicles. Maybe these habits have been formed over several years, but I guarantee it will take just one incident to change that.

Working in Law Enforcement I saw a lot. Most crimes come from the OPPORTUNITY being there. For example, take the police using a “bait” car. They will take a normal every day car and leave it running with the door open, or pack it full of somewhat valuable “bait” and sit back as the bad guys diverge upon the vehicle. Some try and grab something of value from the inside and then take off on foot while others jump behind the wheel thinking they are going for a quick joy ride. Suddenly – click – the doors lock and the engine shuts off locking the subject inside. What started out as a crime of opportunity was turned around on the bad guy and he earned himself a ride to county jail.
Getting back to the point, the bad guy probably did not walk down the street looking for a car that was running. But walking down the street he noticed the opportunity in front of him. So for all of you that leave your garage doors open all the time – you are creating the opportunity and giving access for someone less than honest to see what you have that they may want. Anyone ever hear of a bicycle being stolen from someones garage? So have I.


Step One:
If a bad guy is looking for an opportunity, make your house the least attractive option. I am not going as far as to say never open doors or windows but if you do make sure you remember to close them. Many alarm systems these days will even tell you on the display screen if any doors or windows are unsecured.

Step Two:
Arm your Alarm.
If you are going out don’t forget to arm your alarm… you are probably paying a monthly service premium for it so get your moneys worth. If your alarm is set off by an intruder the alarm company will dispatch the police or security patrol as well as notify you. Just having the alarm company sign posted on your property may be enough to deter a burglar. Research shows that burglars are 94% more likely to pass on a house with a professional alarm system.

Step Three:
Make the approach to your home unappealing.
Burglars hate motion censor lights and gravel walkways or driveways because it makes it hard to silently approach. Having motion censor lights will also alert you and neighbors of someone walking around your property that shouldn’t be there.

Step Four:
Don’t show off your goods.
If you have a 75” LED TV in the front room of your house that is going to get a lot of attention. While you may want all your neighbors to know that you have the largest TV on the block you don’t want the bad guys to know or to look for opportunity. The average home intrusion lasts under 5 minutes. My guess is that a burglar could get that TV off your wall and out of the house in under that. I suggest closing shades and curtains while not home. While it is nice to be proud of what you have, consider how you will feel if its stolen because it was an easy target.


This is the first of many blogs from CALSEC PROTECTIVE SERVICES. These quick tips and guidelines are just a few of the many resources we share with our clients. CALSEC PROTECTIVE SERVICES is the premier provider of San Diego security guards and patrol officers.

The views expressed in this blog are opinions. Following these suggestions does not guarantee your home’s safety.


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